Your Home Your Rights - Public Forum May 16

Marin County's NEW Repor Will Govern Your House on or near a Creek
Come to the Public Forum Tuesday May 16, 2017 * 7 pm
Lagunitas School Multipurpose Roo

Speak Out Now, or your rights are waived.

San Geronimo Valley Stewards welcomes the public to a community forum:
Tuesday May 16, 2017 at 7 pm

We want to hear YOUR concerns, objections, ideas for improvements. County officials have been invited, but this meeting is for YOU.

Marin County released its 2017 Supplemental Environmental Impact Report (SEIR), per Court order in the Spawn lawsuit. The SEIR measures impact on the coho salmon and creeks of the 900 family homes now located close to the San Geronimo streams. It looks at future home-building on the 100 empty lots remaining in the Valley.

The County intends to use the SEIR to prepare a new stream ordinance which will govern how you use and improve your house over the next decade. The County is also considering a new Countywide Plan.


You can read the SEIR report online at the www.marincounty.org website: www.marincounty.org/depts/cd/divisions/environmental-review

You can download and print, but it is over 150 pages, with fold out graphs and maps.

San Geronimo Valley Stewards has arranged for printed copies to be purchased at a reasonable price from Avatar, 769 Center Blvd., in Fairfax, phone 415-457-5773.

Time is limited!

The County must receive your comments by Thursday June 15.

Send comments on the SEIR to: Marin Community Development Agency
Attn: Rachel Reid
3501 Civic Center Drive, 3rd floor, San Rafael CA 94903 or by email to RReid@marincounty.org

We suggest you copy our Supervisor Rodoni with your comments:DRodoni@marincounty.org

Nobel Prize winner, Dr Elinor Ostrom:
"Fisheries and natural resources are best managed by local communities."

SGV Stewards philosophy.