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Send your comments to County Officials before June 15th

Mail Your comments to County Officials before June 15th deadline

On May 1, 2017 Marin County released a Supplemental Environmental Impact Report (SEIR) for San Geronimo Valley, describing the effects of our family homes on the creek habitat for coho salmon. This report and actions by Marin County and other government agencies, will impact your home and your neighbors for the next decade!

Time is limited!

You must send the government your comments, questions, and corrections on the SEIR no later than June 15. If County does not receive your comments by that date, your rights are forever waived to request changes in the SEIR.

Go to the MarinCounty.org website and click on the page for environmental reviews. You may also "subscribe" to this page so you will receive emails announcing any revisions to the San Geronimo SEIR, and future environmental reports.


The report is over 150 pages. If you don't want to print at home, you can forward the report by email to Avatar in Fairfax (or avatar@avatarbiz.com) another printing service. The Stewards have arranged for printing at Avatar Business Center for a discount.

Where to send your comments:
Rachel Reid and Tarisha Bal, County Counsel, are the SEIR Program managers. Send your comments to by email: RReid@marincounty.org ; TBal@marincounty.org
By US Mail: Marin County Community Development Agency,
Attn: Rachel Reid SEIR Program Manager
3501 Civic Center Drive, 3rd floor
San Rafael CA 94903

You should also send a copy to our District 4 Supervisor Dennis Rodoni.

By email: DRodoni@marincounty.org

US Mail: Supervisor Denis Rodoni, Marin County
3501 Civic Center Drive
Suite 329, San Rafael CA 94903

If you send your comments, we recommend that you:
--Please state your comments in your own words, as the most effective way to communicate with County officials.
--Describe your Valley home--its age, size, distance from a creek, does the nearby creek have salmon?
--Say something about yourself--your family, your job, who lives in the home, or how long have you have been in the Valley.
--Describe your major experiences with the natural ecology of the Valley
-- storms, drought, fires, tree danger, wildlife.

Click here to download the Stewards condensed Summary of the SEIR 160 page report