What's Next?


What's Next?!

Your Tax Dollars Paid to SPAWN's Lawyers

What's next?

Marin Superior Court on December 11, 2015 awarded SPAWN's lawyers $652,000. The fees must be paid by Marin County taxpayers.

Stanford Law Clinic and Attorney Michael Graf originally applied for $917,000 in fees to represent SPAWN in its 2010 lawsuit (Civ. No. 1004866). Spawn demanded that the County pass a stream conservation ordinance, and asked the Court to order the County to prepare a cumulative impact analysis showing the effect on salmon of additional home improvements in San Geronimo Valley.

The court reduced the $917,000 fees by 28%, with most of the cuts made in billings by Stanford Law Clinic. County Counsel called the reduced fees "grossly excessive" for filing one motion and one appeal brief.

Next court date:
The County will give a progress report to the Court on April 11, 2016 for the cumulative impact analysis and a Supplemental Environmental Impact Report, as ordered by the Court of Appeal.

Spawn's second lawsuit:
In 2013 Spawn filed a second lawsuit against Marin County (Civ. No. 1304716). Spawn seeks to void the Interim Stream Conservation Area Ordinance adopted in October 2013, because it was not tough enough on homeowners. (The Interim SCA Ordinance was supported by San Geronimo Valley Stewards, Marin Conservation League, and other responsible conservation groups.) The next hearing is February 26, 2016.

San Geronimo Valley Stewards provide data for environmental review.

It is very important for homeowners that the new Supplemental EIR correct the errors and fill in the data gaps from the 2009-10 Salmon Enhancement Plan (SEP). San Geronimo Valley Stewards are providing the County's scientists with information about our creeks. The future of our salmon population and our family homes depend on wider samples and accurate recording of conditions.

The County estimates a one-year process for the Supplemental EIR. The Notice of Preparation will be in January 2016. SG Valley Stewards will participate in the NOP public comment and hearing.

We give a big thank you to the homeowners who granted access to their properties for scientists to examine dry stream conditions. Volunteers from SG Valley Stewards visited the sites and gathered consents from homeowners before the rains.

Your donations are much appreciated.
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