Control Access to Your Creek Property


Control Access to Your Creek Property

Have you seen a notice tucked in your fence or under a gate? It may be hard to see or have blown away in the wind. The notice is from

SPAWN stating they will enter your property and walk your creek looking for salmon.

If you do not respond, the notice will assume you consent and SPAWN will enter your land.

SPAWN cannot operate in your creeks without your consent.


Telephone SPAWN at 663-8590, extension 111, and ask for Preston Brown. Or, you can email (SPAWN also calls itself Turtle Island Restoration Network.)

We all want to see lots of salmon this year. But some people may not consent to SPAWN, while SPAWN files lawsuits against County taxpayers. Other people are concerned about invasion of privacy or liability if a person is injured on their property.


San Geronimo Valley Stewards offer rain proof signs, which easily attach to your fence or tree.

Our signs are light blue, with polite wording suggested by Stewards' attorney: "Private Property, No Entry Without Owner's Permission."

If you want a sign, call Laura at 488-0114 or Rick at 846-8274. Or go on our website, click "Get in Touch", make your request and click "send it". Each sign is $10 to cover our costs.